Body Wraps

Body wraps are increasingly popular these days among spa enthusiasts and weight loss experimenters, but these miraculous linens offer relief far beyond this.

Exfoliation for Days

One of the major benefits of body wraps is deep exfoliation throughout the wrapped area. When substances like sea salt and sugar are added to the wrap, they loosen dead skin so you can easily remove it after taking off the body wrap. This process is important for the body to be properly moisturized during the treatment.

Deep Moisturizer

Regardless of the ingredients, every wrap offers intense moisturizing for the body. The wrap alone will initiate this process, and adding heat will increase the effects for people interested in getting a deeper moisturizer. For best results, ask to have lotion applied to the wrapped area after removal to complete the moisturizing process.

Slim & Trim

Body wraps are designed to remove excess water from the body. Since clay is an absorbent substance, it pulls water out of areas storing more water than necessary, which ultimately lets clients enjoy a slimmer appearance. Many brides consider using body wraps for their wedding day to get the best appearance. The temporary slimming affect is a popular reason for body wraps.

Decrease Cellulite

Body wraps are known to tighten skin in desired areas. However, clients should not rely on this method for truly reversing this condition. Body wraps only offer a temporary solution, and the process must be repeated regularly to keep skin looking cellulite-free.

Detox the Body

Spa wraps are excellent for releasing toxins from the body. With ingredients like seaweed, mud, and other organic substances, the wrap pulls toxins out the body to leave users in a peaceful detoxified state. This is another area where clay plays an important role. It is responsible for drawing out and absorbing the toxins from the body. Epsom and sea salts should be applied to the wrap for the best detox results.

General Relaxation

One of the best overall benefits of body wraps is deep relaxation. Whether you enjoy alone time or listening to music or smelling earthy fragrances, something about the combination of these elements gives peace to every user.

Body wraps offer a variety of benefits to those who choose to use this service. Consider trying this technique to experience the difference for yourself. To make an appointment to try a body wrap treatment, contact the team at Tacoma Medical Aesthetics today!

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