Also known as colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy, colonics refers to the medical practice of using a tube to infuse the rectum with a mixture of water, herbs, and sometimes other substances. The purpose of this treatment is to release stagnant feces from the body and eliminate the risk of the body absorbing unwanted, dangerous toxins.

Without this type of cleanse, the body becomes vulnerable to the growth of unwelcome bacteria, which often hinder the body from properly absorbing beneficial substances like water and various nutrients. In addition to the technical advantages of colonics, the treatment is full of other benefits for the body:

1. Efficient digestion. Undigested waste no longer lingers in the body. After a colonics treatment, the body quickly moves substances through the body, sorting nutrients and toxins and eliminating harmful bacteria.

2. Regularity. Constipation is one of the most unpleasant experiences, and colonics helps reduce the occurrence of this uncomfortable state. Less constipation keeps you safe from other health conditions related to slow digestive response, like hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

3. More energy. Instead of using up unnecessary energy to propel slow digestion, colonics allows energy to be redirected to quickly push substances through the body. This process also leads to better blood circulation and more relaxation.

4. Better absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Instead of spending time sorting through nutrients, bacteria, toxins, and other confusing substances, colonics makes space for the body to properly attain the nutrients and vitamins necessary for good health. Without stagnant feces, the body quickly recognizes beneficial elements.

5. Weight loss. Although colonics itself isn’t responsible for creating weight loss, it can help ready the body for a change in lifestyle, diet, and other weight loss practices. By freeing the body of unhealthy toxins, colonics helps move the body into an active state of processing food and absorbing proper nutrients, which are important elements of any successful weight loss program.

6. Lower risk of colon cancer. By removing harmful substances, the risk of growths like polyps, cysts, and other cancerous cells is automatically reduced.

7. Improved pH balance. Conditions like constipation or consuming certain colon-blocking foods increase acid in the body. When this occurs, the colon is at risk for yeasts, molds, and other fecal-based bacteria entering the bloodstream and wreaking havoc on your pH.

Colonics is one of the best digestive system treatments in the medical world. To learn more about how colonics can help your health, contact the medical professionals at Tacoma Medical Aesthetics for more information!

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